Do. Not. Touch.

We’ve all seen the signs. Whether in a museum, gallery, or other sterile-feeling cultural space, there are signs that warn us to stay away and maintain a safe distance from a precious object. However, this mindset can easily seep into the rest of our experience, beyond just a physical reminder. Where current norms and standards in some cultural institutions may be intimidating, hard to decipher, or just downright uninviting - we are here to set the record straight!

We are talking to you, yes YOU! Art is for YOU! We promise.

*Disclaimer - we do not endorse running into your local museum or gallery and physically grabbing everything in sight...but we do want you to go in with your head held high, your heart open, and your mind ready to embrace some all-around awesomeness!

Our newest project is Disturbing the Piece. This podcast is a way for us to expand on ideas covered on the blog while also getting to discuss a variety of topics with different guests. The mission is to rethink the art world through works of art you may, or may not, be familiar with. Listen on the blog (click the 'Podcast' link in the sidebar) or subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher. 

This is a hands-on approach to art history and the art world. This creative space is for you. Enjoy it!