Welcome to Do Not Touch!

Welcome to Do Not Touch!

We’ve all seen the signs. Whether in a museum, gallery, or other sterile-feeling cultural space, there are signs that warn us to stay away and maintain a safe distance from a precious object. However, this mindset can easily seep into the rest of our experience, beyond just a physical reminder. Where current norms and standards in some cultural institutions may be intimidating, hard to decipher, or just downright uninviting - we are here to set the record straight!

We are talking to you, yes YOU! Art is for YOU! We promise.

*Disclaimer - we do not endorse running into your local museum or gallery and physically grabbing everything in sight...but we do want you to go in with your head held high, your heart open, and your mind ready to embrace some awesome artwork!


This is a hands-on approach to art history and the art world. This creative space is for you. Embrace it. Embody it. Enjoy it.


So, now that we’ve got your attention...why are we here? What is Do Not Touch? Who are we here for?

We’re just a few art historians with a passion for sharing art beyond the bounds of the museum. We believe art history can speak to so many different people and is truly relevant for everyone. The power of art extends far beyond the walls of a gallery or museum, and we want to transform the perception of art as stuffy, elite, or restrictive. Our goal is to make art history accessible to everyone - from the deep underlying meanings of an artwork to the juicy social details of artists’ lives, there is something for you here. Even if you feel like you don’t “get” art or are new to the world of art history, you belong here!

Are you an artist yourself? Or are you just casually interested in art, looking to learn more, or just want to add some fun facts to your repertoire? We love discussing all types of art from different time periods, as well as the areas where art, activism, social justice, and pop culture intersect. Wherever your passion lies, we bet you can find something here to pique your interest.

Are you a teacher, looking to find ways to incorporate artistic content into your curriculum and lessons? Look no further. Art history is the perfect supplement to a wide array of subjects, and can serve as a helpful tool for your students to practice their critical interpretation skills and develop critical thinking skills more substantially. Keep an eye out for notes on some of our blog posts that specifically reach out to teachers - letting you know how this content might be a nice compliment to what you’re already teaching!


All that said, we mainly want to say welcome. Look around, make yourself comfortable, and explore with us!


And, hey, don’t forget to connect with us in the social sphere, too! You can currently find us on Instagram (@donottouchartblog) - and our podcast will be coming soon to headphones near you!

Destination: Art - Nashville edition

Destination: Art - Nashville edition