45 | Monuments - tale as old as time

45 | Monuments - tale as old as time

Presidents, and generals, and mountains. Oh my! After realizing the wide scope of monuments, Erin and I look at the history of American monuments from the 19th century onward. We are not experts in this topic but we had an interesting conversation about the concept of monuments and their permanence. Including some hot button statues that have been in the news the last few years. We normally don’t get too political on the show, but as you will see people’s opinions and political views are closely linked with the monuments they decide to erect.

Plus, I announce some exciting news at the end of the episode!

Examples of American Monuments

City of Presidents in Rapid City

Monuments in the Black Hills, South Dakota

Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia

Links / articles mentioned

Monuments: America’s History in art and memory - Judith Dupre

Monumental sculpture - Wikipedia

Thayer Tolles - From Model to Monument: American Public Sculpture, 1865–1915 - The MET

City of Presidents, Rapid City

Julian Maxwell Hayter - Vulnerability and a Truer Democracy - On Monument Avenue

Mark Robinson - Monument Avenue Commission: Remove Jefferson Davis monument, reinterpret others honoring Confederacy - Richmond Times

Hank Sims - Arcata City Council to Hold Special Meeting on the Future of the McKinley Statue, Jacoby’s Storehouse Plaque - Lost Coast Outpost

Link to Jessica Chastain’s Instagram post about Sculptures in Central Park

UPDATE - Zachary Small - Historians Raise Concerns Over Central Park’s Suffragist Monument - Hyperallergic (Thanks to Erin for sending this to me after our recording)

44 | Isn't it Romantic...

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