18 | Gendered Art - both past & present

18 | Gendered Art - both past & present

We're closing out June with a discussion on gender in art. This topic could cover the entirety of art history, but we're traveling back to the nineteenth-century to see how artists and our culture define masculinity and femininity. Then we fast-forward to artists in the present day to see how artists are displaying complex and layered versions of gender. 

Old School - Gender in the past

Define: masculine 

Richard Prince (1949- )

Define: femininity 

Martha Rosler (1943- )

Kent Monkman (1965- )

History is Painted by the Victors, 2013, acrylic on canvas - full image 

Lissa Rivera 

Links / articles mentioned

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Lissa Rivera's website  

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Understanding Non-Binary People - National Center for Transgender Equality 

19 | Digital Desire - Post-Internet Art

19 | Digital Desire - Post-Internet Art

17 | Art Heists - please don't burn the art

17 | Art Heists - please don't burn the art