38 | This Art Will Make You Sick

38 | This Art Will Make You Sick

If Picasso is correct and “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” then disease and illness would definitely make an appearance. Before vaccines and sanitation, plague and infection were an uncontrollable enemy. How did artists who were witnessing this first hand choose to depict it?

Erin and I are diving into a subject that fascinates us both - infectious diseases. We were inspired by one of our favorite podcasts, This Podcast Will Kill You. In honor of that we are looking at the history of infectious diseases depicted throughout art history.

Cover image - Wellcome Library, London, Young Viennese, 23 years old, one hour before the invasion of cholera and four hours before death, Stipple engraving with watercolor, no date.

Bubonic Plague




Extra disease images

Vik Muniz,  Flowers , 2015, made out of smallpox vaccine

Vik Muniz, Flowers, 2015, made out of smallpox vaccine

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